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English Saffron Valentines

Here at English Saffron we're getting into the Valentine's mood a little early. Saffron after all, according to scientific studies like one covered in The Telegraph, is a natural aphrodisiac. Penny's taken our saffron and gin into the English Saffron kitchen and created a delicious blood orange saffron cocktail and saffron raspberry shortbread hearts. Check out the recipes for both below.

Saffron Valentines Cocktail

You'll need:

  • 40ml English Saffron Gin

  • 25ml Blood Orange Cointreau

  • 80ml blood orange juice (we squeezed our own from fresh blood oranges)

  • Raspberries

  • Blood oranges for candied orange slices

  • Cocktail stick

Candied Orange Slices

  1. Slice your blood orange thinly

  2. Place on a baking sheet and sprinkle with golden caster sugar

  3. Bake on a low heat for 30 minutes. Cool

  4. Any you want to save for later can be stored in a jar

Blood Orange English Saffron Gin Cocktail

  1. Pour English Saffron Gin, Cointreau and blood orange juice together into your cocktail glass and stir with a cocktail stick

  2. Make sure to sieve your orange juice first if you don't want bits. We left it as is as we think they add to the cocktail!

  3. Top with raspberries and a candied orange slice.

  4. Add one or two raspberries into the cocktail

  5. Drink or serve to your loved one!

English Saffron Raspberry Shortbread Hearts


150g plain flour

100g butter

50g golden caster sugar

1 large egg yolk

1 tsp vanilla essence

Large pinch English Saffron infused in a few drops of warm water

3g freeze dried raspberries

Heart shaped cutters- one small, one large

To Decorate:

Chopped Pistachios

English Saffron strands

Rose petals

  1. Cream sugar and butter in a bowl with a wooden spoon

  2. Add flour and egg yolk. Mix to form dough

  3. Remove small portion of dough. Mix crushed raspberries into this portion

  4. Add vanilla and saffron to remainder of dough

  5. Chill both pieces for 20 minutes

  6. Roll doughs out thinly. Cut heart shaped large hearts from the saffron dough and small ones from raspberry dough. Cut small hearts into large saffron biscuits and fill with a small raspberry heart

  7. Place biscuits onto baking tray

  8. Cook 180°c for about 20 minutes

  9. Decorate with chopped pistachios, rose petals and saffron strands

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